BTS of Summer Time.

I’m not sure if I will be able to upload the videos as WordPress only allow if there on a site or you pay for an account. To broke to pay. So to compensate I did a little frame montage so it tells the story! Hope this will please you. ūüôā


Thanks to my friend Malisa for taking the shots with my Ipod. ūüėÄ



Who inspired us to fall in love with fashion

After reading a few articles in Lula, I’ve come to realize that for many their grandparents ( mostly grandmothers) played a big part in influencing their future careers. This applies to me in some way, my mother would tell me stories about when she and her mother would spend hours downtown in stores like The Bay, Olgilvy and Berks shopping the latest trends. These were the fond memories my mother holds very dear and somehow they touched me , even though I don’t wear the latest trends only what feels comfy. I do like fashion in the sense of visual attraction in photography. Without these stories I don’t think I would have been interested as much, they influenced me because they make my mother happy.

At first I thought was ment for nature photography and had love only for that but when I’d look back on some portraits had taken for a photo project, I kept thinking wow they’re pretty good, better than my nature pic’s to the point that now all I really want to become a fashion photographer, for the creativity in the sense that it’s artistic, that I can create & tell a story.

Our ancestor’s have shaped us in some way but the fact remains you are your biggest influence. I wonder who inspired them?

Randomness of the day!

I recently discovered that M0851 is a Quebec purse design company! I was so surprised and proud! I love purses and love their design. Found out thanks to magazines bought last night, expensive but best  buy ever!Image

Will contrat be completed…

It seems like the contract wont follow through with the way things are going, yesterday I ask the customer if we could meet at the same place we met the first time. She replied saying she was sick and that she might have to reschedule our appointment. Understandable, if your sick then you are sick. When I gave her a new day for the appointment on the other hand, this time she never answered back I thought well that’s weird since she answered me not to long ago to reschedule it.

I have this nagging feeling that she isn’t going to follow through¬†our agreement, even though she paid me quite a sum of the money for the contract. I mean who could waste so much money like that and be cheap at the same time? I’m also a little disappointed, since it kind of says well my work isn’t worth it.

I guess the only thing left to do is wait two days then call it quits, I’ll keep the money and send the picture for the amount she gave me by mail. I don’t feel right just keeping it and not give anything in return.

Wild flowers

One thing about floral photography.¬† If by any chance you wish to use wild flowers look very closely and make sure there are no critters you don’t want in your home. I discovered this while taking some photographs today, It’s not too bad of a critter only a spider which I will watch like a hawk and make sure it doesn’t come nears me.

Please do not use my picture without a written permission.