Inspirations and ideas

Yesterday, my friend and I went inspiration and ideas shopping for a our shoot. We didn’t buy anything at the time but there were many good stores on Saint-Denis st. We have selected a few which we’d like to buy clothing’s from.

I think that there are still a good deal of stores to check out. There are St-Laurent st and St-Catherine, I know at least three stores to check out on the later.

Of course our first option was Forever XXI. This store is what we all love a the moment. Although I’m starting to feel the store overrated. some dresses stood out because they were what we are looking for. of courses they had it, with that thought many other girls have it now, which will won’t help the pictures stand out much.


I’ve also looked at some pictures off Tumblr and pinterest and deviantart. A few stood out for inspirations. Have to look at some more.

Make-up is a whole other thing never wear any lol so don’t know what it is that I’ll do. I saw some books but I’d prefer is someone who knew more about it did it. Mine may turn out like crap. -_-