Will contrat be completed…

It seems like the contract wont follow through with the way things are going, yesterday I ask the customer if we could meet at the same place we met the first time. She replied saying she was sick and that she might have to reschedule our appointment. Understandable, if your sick then you are sick. When I gave her a new day for the appointment on the other hand, this time she never answered back I thought well that’s weird since she answered me not to long ago to reschedule it.

I have this nagging feeling that she isn’t going to follow through our agreement, even though she paid me quite a sum of the money for the contract. I mean who could waste so much money like that and be cheap at the same time? I’m also a little disappointed, since it kind of says well my work isn’t worth it.

I guess the only thing left to do is wait two days then call it quits, I’ll keep the money and send the picture for the amount she gave me by mail. I don’t feel right just keeping it and not give anything in return.


My very first contract.

I just received my first photography contract this Easter holiday and I must say that it was a major disappointment. I have never been so enraged, insulted and looked down upon my whole life. This customer was perfectly clear on how cheap and crooked she was as a person. I honestly feel very sorry for my friend who referred my services to her.

First it began with her saying that she didn’t specify on a time for the wedding, which led up with me staying longer than what was agreed on verbally and what i had  written on another piece of paper, to help me remember, letting her know that the time was good for me since it would allow me to return home for Easter supper.

Then she tries to confuse me by saying there are more pictures in the agreement when it is clearly written in the contract the amount $ 410 for 50 and in other declaration we agreed to add 10 pictures for $ 65 more.

Not 60 pictures +10 more and she tries this twice.

Then she has the  audacity to ask for the rest of the taken pictures that were not going to be in the selected  for free because since they won’t be edited like the others. I stood my ground although baffled by her request, I explained that I could not just simply give her those pictures for free I still had to charge for them, for less, since I took the time in capturing those images.

I do admit that I  made a mistake in discussing the agreements with the bride and not the person with whom I had contracted with, but that still doesn’t give her the right to condescend my work and rub in my face that I am not a professional photographer.

Now I simply can’t wait to complete the contract and be rid of her once and for all. I just hope I can keep my snide remarks to myself. @_@